Advanced Invaders

Advanced Invaders is a 2D shoot ’em up game with a campaign through Solar system, multiple weapons, enemies, bosses and other surprises. It is a game made in spirit of retro arcade machines.

The player is in control of a ground defence, D-1, vehicle, with the task to shoot down all invading alien formations on the battlefield. Depending on Defender’s performance, various aid (like weapon boxes or force shields) will be deployed on the field during the battle. Only when all swarms of invaders are destroyed, the player can proceed to the next phase of this all-out defence… but one should beware the alien capital ships, that won’t wait for long to join the invasion should the defence prove to be efficient.


  • Main game with progression map, 5 action-packed levels all around the Solar system and 1 very special level much different than standard game.
  • One unlockable game mode, once the main game has been beaten.
  • Challenging difficulty level.
  • Four types of standard enemies, each with its own unique attitude and destructive arsenal, and two types of big bad bosses.
  • Four different types of weapon in player’s arsenal and a quite a few unique to the aliens.

Game is available for Windows, Linux and Android.



Advanced Invaders Manual

Binary Void – Unity Full Game Tutorial

Binary Void is а tutorial template Unity game project, derived from Advanced Invaders. Nearly everything that Advanced Invaders game offers you can now learn how to make in Unity, with the help of this, in-detail explained, project. It presents a full standard and nearly always necessary game structure.

Binary Void comes with various assets, which include 6800 lines of organized and commented C# code. A 90-page PDF walkthrough explains all the assets that project use, with emphasis on the project’s code in the scripts. Prerequisite to understand the project are: basic knowledge of Unity editor, basic knowledge of object-based programming and knowledge of gaming terminology. With that said, this project is not presented by a cold, professional software engineer, but a long time gamer and game designer. This means that the tone in which the walkthrough is written should be more approachable and friendly to common gaming folk.

Just like Advanced Invaders, Binary Void is a classic 2D arcade with the same gameplay, but simplified straight-to-the-point structure. The scene structure of this example game consists of title screen & main menu, in-between levels context and one level. These are some of the notable features explained in this project:

  • Data manager, used to save/load config file on the disk in XML format (all the settings from options menu) and game file, in binary format, used to store player’s achievements in the game.
  • Audio manager, that is using custom audio mixer for the game. Mixer in charge of music and many different SFX.
  • The options menu as part of main menu and in-game menu, constructed by Unity’s own UI system, where you can tweak visual, audio, controls and general settings of the game.
  • Various tools for UI text: unfold effect, blinking effect, scrolling, etc.
  • Backlevel and level structures, where one can learn base principles on how to construct events and event triggers during the game.
  • Virtual joypad (axis and buttons) used only if the game detects mobile platform, with customizable dead-zone and sensitivity for axis.
  • Many different effects and particle effects: fire, trails (both particle and polygonal), small/medium explosions, special player/bomb explosions, sparks, plasma, muzzle flash, etc.
  • Detailed in-game interface that tracks hitpoints, lives, score, time, and current weapon’s status.
  • Fully animated player’s avatar that can move, shoot, jump, brake, pick up objects on command and change weapons.
  • Collectables that can be picked only on command (by standing over them and pressing pick up button).
  • Four types of different fully animated baddies, each with its own arsenal of weapons and AI move/attack routines.
  • One big bad boss, with three different exposed areas that the player can shoot at and cripple the boss by destroying two of the areas.
  • Many different weapon types: projectiles, artillery-like, long beam, rapid fire, activation based bombs, contact mines, gun turrets, status effect ray, homing rounds, etc.

The overall aim of the project is that whoever studies it should be more-or-less ready to make full single-player PC/mobile games in Unity. 2D arcade games most directly, but also learn the general principle of making single-player games in Unity, accompanied with standard game structure.