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Just Gameware is an indie studio-warehouse which is meant to be a place for  various PC/Android games, developed by one or more people who happen to be part of the studio at the time, or outside freelancers, hired to do particular details on the game.

Any developed game that happen to be fully open (in both art and code) will be hosted in this warehouse for download, too. Games that are not open will not be available for purchase here, instead those will be available with usual suspects, that is, digital distribution stores (GOG, Google Play, Steam, etc).

Beside the games in the warehouse, feel free to check developer’s blog as well. Occasionally, there may be a new entry that is not only related to Just Gameware games, but may also be about daydreaming about interesting game development ideas, critiques, settings, etc. in general.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Limit Load, an ongoing (lately more like… crawling) open game project.


The current game project is called Advanced Invaders, a shoot ’em up inspired by the classic Space Invaders, and it is to be developed on the Unity engine. It’s live on Kickstarter! Once it is funded, the game will be open upon completion (well as much as it can be open since it is developed on a close-sourced game engine). It will be downloadable here, on the Unity asset store, and perhaps at other digital distribution places, like Google Play, for free. The game will come for Windows, Linux, and Android, along with the whole Unity project directory itself. This will not only allow ultimate freedom in modding the game, but it will also be useful for learning Unity.

To find out more, visit the Kickstarter page: