Advanced Invaders is Available

The first JGW game is finished and published. For Windows, Linux and Android.

At the moment it is available at:
Google Play

Might be available at more places.

This is a classic shoot ’em up game with retro-style action and a lot of different features. It has classic arcade campaign (intro-levels-outro) and one unlockable game mode, once the main game has been beaten. I also like to mention that it has one very special level in the campaign that is significantly different gameplay-wise than the standard game (almost like entirely different game) and the one I used to try additional stuff in Unity. It’s a challenging game too, especially Windows/Linux version of it :)

You can find out more about Advanced Invaders at its page.

All in all this has been one hell of a trip. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes boring, sometimes funny, but always interesting as the whole was steadily coming along. The bits and pieces I gathered during development of Limit Load, sure came in handy along the way. This game also gave me a chance to try some ideas about game design in general, some small things that I used to think about. I might write more about that later.

Beside Unity itself, a big thanks goes to its community that asked/answered many great questions about game development. Then various open artist whose work was of great help to me, and who are all carefully named in game’s credits :)